102 Students Join the ‘Noble Profession’ Career at Fr Muller College of Nursing

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102 Students Join the ‘Noble Profession’ Career at Fr Muller College of Nursing

102 Students, including 80 in 32nd Batch of B Sc {N}; 18 in the 31st Batch of Post Basic B Sc {N}; and 4 in the 27th Batch of M Sc {N} Join the ‘Noble Profession’ Career at Fr Muller’s College of Nursing, Mangaluru, during the Nursing Courses Inauguration Ceremony held at the Decennial Memorial Hall at FMCI.

Mangaluru: “We come to comfort and to heal, to love and serve in woe and weal; Come, Doctor, live your noble Hippocrate’s bequest, Come, Nurse, by Nightingale inspired, forget your broken rest, Come all who soothe in ways unsung Humanity’s unrest, Let’s all as one, with love pursue the toil by millions blest. We come to comfort and to heal, to love and serve in woe and weal”- these are part of the lyrics from the Fr Muller’s Institution Anthem- and these words also fit right for all these 102 budding/nursing students, who have decided to join the Nursing Career, a Noble Profession at the Father Muller College of Nursing, Mangaluru.

Yes, Nurses are the hospitality of the hospital. Nurses lead very demanding lives. Working with doctors, healing patients and educating the communities are just a few of the responsibilities nurses perform on a daily basis. In fact you could say that nurses are the backbone of our health care system, providing us with the attention and medical care that we need to live health long-lasting lives. Sometimes being a nurse can be exhausting at times, but the knowledge and power to help heal others is what keeps them going in challenging times. And while nurses are strong spirited, positive and focused even they need a little pick me up every once in a while – like complimenting them for their well-done job or appreciating their dedication and commitment to patients and health-care. And truly, the Nurses are the Angels of Mercy!

Out of the 102 students who have joined the “Noble Profession”-the Nursing career, 80 have joined the 32nd Batch of B Sc {N}; 18 have joined the 31st Batch of PB B Sc {N}, and 4 have joined the 27th Batch of M Sc {N}. The inauguration ceremony of these Nursing Courses was held at the Decennial Memorial Hall at FMCI on Tuesday, 11 September at 10.30 am. The programme began with a welcome prayer dance by a bevy of 1st B Sc-Nursing students, followed by welcome address by Sr Jacintha D’souza- Principal of Father Muller College of Nursing. The inauguration of all theses Courses was done by lighting the traditional lamp by chief guest- Srikanth B Pullari-Registrar, Karnataka Nursing Council, Bengaluru; along with other dignitaries on the dais, namely-Fr Richard Coelho-Director of Father Muller Charitable Institutions; Sr Jacintha D’souza; Ms Shobha Xavier- 1st PB B Sc {N} Class Coordinator and Ms Shwetha Rashmi- 1st B Sc {N} Class coordinator.

In his inaugural address, Srikanth Pullari said, “I happy to be amidst you for the first time as a chief guest at this prestigious institution in gracing the inaugural ceremony of the three nursing courses. On the outset let me compliment you all for making a good decision in taking up the Nursing Field career, which is a noble profession, and also for selecting a Noble and renowned institution to pursue your nursing career. Remember, Nursing is a profession of dedication, compassion and sacrifice serving the needy and the suffering society. You are all lucky to be selected to join here at this institution which is a safe and caring campus”.

“I am happy to note that this is the only institution in Karnataka to have the NAAC ‘A’ grade Accredited, which is indeed an added feather to the institution cap. I also adore the institution’s motto “Heal and Comfort”, where you should all adhere to it and be professional nurses. Our Nation needs skilled nurses, and I am sure when you exit out of this institution, you will come out as Skilled and Knowledgeable Nurses, to serve the suffering masses. Also, remember that Nursing is one of the most exciting and in-demand jobs in India and abroad. You will work to promote health, prevent disease and help patients cope with illness, and you are not just Nurses but advocates and health educators for patients, families and communities. You’ll work in an environment that is constantly changing to provide the best possible care for patients. You will continuously learn about the latest technology and medication as well as considering the evidence that your nursing practice is based upon. And since you spend more face-to-face time with a patient than doctors, You must be particularly skilled at interacting with patients, putting them at ease, and assisting them in their recovery. It is often said that physicians cure, and nurses care. Best of luck in your nursing career” added Srikanth.

In his presidential address, Fr Richard Coelho said, “You are all fortunate to be selected for the nursing courses at an Institution accredited with NAAC Á’ Grade-so welcome to the Mullerian family. Just like you can’t learn to ride a bicycle by reading a book, or learn swimming by gets tips on Internet-you to need step on the bicycle and start learning to ride, or get into the water and learn swimming-similarly in Nursing reading your books and browsing through the subjects is not enough, instead here at FMCI we encourage you to interact with patients and make you to serve them, thus gaining more practicals than theory. This institution is 137 years old, and our main aim is to serve the poor patients”.

“Also remember that Nursing is not only a noble profession but a mission, where you’ll have to serve the patients with love and care, and also keep our institution motto ‘Heal and Comfort’ alive and strong by being caring, dedicated and committed nurses. Also since our’s is a Catholic institution you need to follow our ethics, morals and ethos. Along with you studies, you should also practice the habit of praying, because prayer brings power. Remember that as a Nurse you are a boon to yourself, your family, your neighbors and the community. Carry forward your noble profession with pride and dignity, and bring name and fame to our institution. Welcome to Father Muller family and enjoy your nursing career here”added Fr Coelho.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms Shwetha Rashmi, while the programme was compered by Ms Alida K Tom and Welcita Ferrao, students of 2nd B Sc Nursing. Following a documentary on Father Muller Charitable Institution, Christy Raj of 2nd B Sc Nursing shared her experience and testimony as a student, also followed by testimony of a students parent’. Following a self-introduction by the freshers, briefing on rules and regulations of the college, it was time for a Parent Teacher Association meeting. Ending this column with a Nurses Prayer:

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