Manipal: Taxi and Maxicab Association Holds Protest against Unauthorized Taxis and Installation of Speed Governor

Manipal: “The government’s order indicating installation of speed governor in tourist vehicles is a conspiracy to ruin the lives of taximen,” said K Raghupati Bhat, former MLA of Udupi district. He was speaking while addressing a protest organised by the Udupi District Taximen’s Association, urging the government to scrap the order issued to install speed governors in tourist vehicles. The protest was organised in front of the District Administration Complex, Manipal here, on November 24.

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By installing speed governors in tourist vehicles, the government has maximised the speed limit to 60 km. The government should increase the speed limit and it should be made uniform for both, tourist and private vehicles. The uniform tax system should be followed for tourist vehicles having national permits.

Bhat further said, “More than 600 private vehicles are renting their cars, which is unauthorised. The Regional Transport Officer is silent on the same. The lives of taximen are being ruined as they depend on tourist vehicles for their livelihood. The RTO should soon initiate steps to curb the movement of private vehicles renting cars. The Kerala government has permitted 18+1 seating capacity in maxi-cabs; the Karnataka government should also adopt the same. Government should also install speed governors in the vehicles of ministers, officials and MLAs.”

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“Bus operators rent buses without route permits for weddings and other occasions which is unauthorised. This has ruined the lives of 1000 maxi-cab drivers. Auto rickshaw drivers also take their auto rickshaws to places outside their prescribed limits. Colour code should be given to auto rickshaws,” he added.

K G Ravindra, Umesh Shetty, Balakrishna Shetty, Shanmugappa, Ramesh K Kotian, Prakash Adiga and others were present.

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