Mangaluru: Hospitals to be Served Notice for Negligence – DC Ibrahim

Mangaluru: The District Health Mission meeting was held at the Deputy Commissioners office here, on November 30.

The report of ‘Mission Indhradhanush’ was read out and it came to light that many children had missed the vaccination drive.

After discussions the reasons for non administration of vaccination among the local population were found to be, sickness, children being out of town during the drive and “refusal” by the people, said Dr Ramachandra Rao, District Health Officer (DHO). “Migrant population brings in diseases and spread diseases to the children in anganwadis. We need to tackle the migrating masses,” he added.


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The Deputy Commissioner, A B Ibrahim then ordered that steps should be taken to tackle these problems. He said, “Awareness of the programme should be increased. Children in anganwadis should be monitored. Monitoring of migrants should be done at hospitals.” Children those who miss the vaccination should be identified by their school rolls and such cases should be pursued and vaccinated. He directed the DHO to get positive results by the next vaccination drive.

Endosulfan Pension: The authorities had no answer when the DC asked about the payment of pension to Endosulfan patients. The authorities were asked to finish the report by evening.

Maternal deaths: Reports of maternal deaths in the district were also discussed at the meet. Event reports of 12 maternal deaths were discussed. Negligence was the primary reason in most deaths. Such hospitals will be issued with notices. The DC directed that the reports should be handed over to the immediate family of the victims.

District Health Surgeon, Wenlock Hospital Dr Rajeshwari and CEO ZP Sreevidya were also present.

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