‘Centre bracing for many Bhopal gas tragedy like incidents’

Bhopal, Nov 30 (IANS) The government seems to be bracing for many disasters like 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy with new proposals to bring changes in various labour and environmental laws, a group of organisations fighting for Bhopal gas victims said here on Monday.

In a joint press conference, representatives of the five groups expressed their ire against Narendra Modi government.

Satinath Shadangi of Bhopal Group For Information and Action commented on the central government’s pro-corporate industry policy, saying: “Modi government is preparing to introduce changes in laws related to labour and environment. It will possibly lead to occurrence of Bhopal gas tragedy like incidents.

“According to the government’s proposal, in cases related to environment and labour, the companies will enjoy the right to issue a certificate about their innocence that will only encourage industrialists for committing Bhopal gas tragedy like incidents,” he added.

Rashida Bi of Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Stationery Karamchari Sangh said: “The government has failed to act against the American companies which do not have any respect of the Indian courts. The chief judicial official has sent DOW Chemicals the notice thrice. The government could not force them to show up before its courts.”

Safreen Khan of another rights group fighting against DOW Carbide said despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi wishing to see a clean country, it looks there is no place for the concern about thousands of tonnes of toxic waste lying buried under Bhopal factory or around it.

About 3,000 people died on the spot due to poisonous gas leakage at the Union Carbide factory on the midnight of December 2-3 in 1984. Thousands of people are still facing aftermaths of that poisonous gas.

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