Puttur: Smart Rider Booked for Going around in New Bike Fitted with Old Number-plate

Puttur: Old wine being in a new bottle is an old expression. But a new motorcycle carrying an old number-plate could be something rare to come across.

The traffic police, while checking the passing vehicles at random earlier this week, came across this curious case of a new bike. The rider was stopped. On verification it was found that the deadline for registering the new bike after purchase had elapsed.

The man was identified as Udaif (18), hailing from Magundi of Kalasa in Chikkamagaluru district, currently engaged in plumbing work in Puttur. He found a short cut to the problem by fitting the bike with the number-plate of his old bike.

On verifying the old bike, it also came to light that even though he had purchased it quite some time ago, it was still lying registered in the previous owner’s and he had not got transferred it in his name.

While trying to save money from all sides, he has got into multiple problems, while also landing the previous owner of the bike into trouble.

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