Rose Siggins of ‘American Horror Story’ dead

Los Angeles, Dec 13 (IANS) Actress Rose Siggins, who essayed Legless Suzi in television series “America Horror Story: Freak Show”, is no more. She was 43.

According to a source, Siggins was hospitalised for a kidney stone surgery earlier this week. She couldn’t survive it, reports

Siggins was born with a rare genetic disorder called sacral agenesis and was also suffering from kidney and pancreas issues her whole life.

The actress is survived by two children, Luke, 16 and Shelby, 9.

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  1. Considering the obstacles and challenges she’s had, and the fact that even the simplest physical tasks probably took her at least twice as long as most of us, I doubt vanity was one of her traits. She had way more important things to be worried about….like trying to live a normal life.

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