Excise hike: Diesel dearer by Rs.2 per litre, petrol by 37 paise

New Delhi, Jan 2 (IANS) Th government on Saturday raised excise duty on petrol by 37 paise per litre and on diesel by Rs.2.

Including additional and special excise duties, the total levy now on unbranded, or normal, petrol will be Rs.19.73 per litre, while that for diesel will be Rs.13.83.

The excise duty was last hiked on December 16, on petrol by Rs.1.17 per litre and on diesel by 30 paise a litre. This is the third excise hike this fiscal, including on November 7 last year.

As part of the fortnightly revision in fuel prices, petrol rates were cut from the New Year on Friday by 63 paise a litre and diesel by Rs.1.06 a litre, owing to plunging global crude oil rates.

Petrol currently costs Rs.59.35 per litre in Delhi, while diesel costs Rs.45.03 a litre.

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  1. Excise hike: Diesel dearer by Rs.2 per litre, petrol by 37 paise.

    the people had to pay more when the crude was at 110 dollars per barrel. They are rightfully entitled to the benefit of cheaper price of crude now. But, Modi government had imposed Rs 10/= more by way of excise duty to rob the benefits already. And now they have increased it again by Rs. 2/=


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