Miley Cyrus shows off bruised head

Los Angeles, Jan 17 (IANS) Singer-actress Miley Cyrus has shared a photograph of her “bloody head” online.

She shared the image with her fans and followers on Instagram on Friday, reports

The “Wrecking ball” hitmaker, however, didn’t explain what caused the bruise.

“Bloody head,” Cyrus wrote alongside the photograph.

The red bruise appeared on the singer’s scalp near her forehead.

She used her finger to hold her hair so that the camera could spot the bruise. Considering the colour, the bruise appeared to be new.

The image received more than 2,000 comments in less than an hour.

One user asked: “What happened?”

Some users speculated about what might have happened to her. “Tiny house accident? Lol!” one wrote.

Another claimed that the bruise was a symptom of herpes. “Herpes. Good luck,” he commented.

Others simply prayed for her.

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