Even In Dreams, Not Spoken To Congress – Baba Ramdev

Dehradun (Agencies): Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has been accused by the Congress of secretly instigating a rebellion which could ensure the party loses power in Uttarakhand. Baba Ramdev has denied the charge.

Kishore Upadhyay, the president of the Congress in the hill state, has alleged that “Ramdev was in touch with Congress rebels and is one of the key persons besides the BJP President (Amit Shah) involved in hatching a conspiracy against the ruling party.” The politician went on to tag the yoga guru as “a BJP agent”.

Baba Ramdev’s huge business empire and yoga ashrams are headquartered in Haridwar in Uttarakhand.

“Not even in my dream did I have a talk with any Congress MLA or party worker. Whatever we do, we do it openly… if we have to make or break something, we do it openly, we don’t do anything with a hidden agenda behind curtains,” Ramdev told reporters in Haridwar.

On Monday, Harish Rawat of the Congress has to win a trust vote in Uttarakhand, necessitated by nine of his party’s law-makers rebelling to side with the opposition BJP, which claims it can prove it has the support needed to form the government.

Uttarakhand has 70 assembly seats. Before the Congress revolt, Mr Rawat had 36 law-makers on his side, which is the minimum needed to remain in power.


  1. Baba Ramdev is, by his admission, a yogi and, going by his garb, I would like to add that he is a sanyasi too. However, he is being toasted and fawned by BJP politicians.

    Normally, sanyasis do not have any earthly possessions, but Baba Ramadev is a multi-milionaire. Today, universally, both politics and religion is a big racket and multi-million business. You have plethora of babas, bhagwans and other religious people who work on people’s susceptibilities and weaknesses and rake in millions.

  2. Mr. Nelson,

    I wonder what our best pal, Rampa’s best pals (drug-peddling Bill Maher – during his college days & Tareq Fatah) have to say to our elastic man’s escapades, billions, misadventures and of course – the Z+ security cover.

    Oh well, if they have nothing to say, I’m curious to know what our Rampa has to say about this elastic man. 🙂

  3. Dear readers,

    Baba Ramdev is saint.He has divine power which he demonstrated in Ramlila Maidan wearing women’s attire to escape the police.

    Certainly he don’t need to dream,he just need to interpret the RSS Guruji’s dream of Hindu Rashtra.
    Lucky baba,enjoying Z plus security from taxpayers money and silently building empire of his own.

    Ab ki baar Modi sarkar,Ramdev ka buisness ka vikas.

    Jai hind

  4. I find it quite amusing to read some of the comments accusing Ramdev of making money in the name of religion. Religious people building wealthy empire? What a surprise, right? I know an international level organization with massive amount of wealth that has been running a religion for many centuries like a multi-national company with a headquarter surrounded by tall, massive walls!! The masters residing in headquarter decide everything including what language to be be used during prayer services in a remote south indian city!! At least in sanaathana dharma, the looting in the name of religion is more democratized! LOL You can become a ‘guruji’ and make money unlike the ‘multi-national company’!! LOL

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