21-year-old Youth Trying to Smuggle Ganja into Jail Arrested

Mangaluru: Ashfaq (21) of Bengare was arrested by the Barke police in the early hours of Monday, Apr 4.

He was found carrying about 100 gms of ganja, concealed in a lunch-box, intended to be supplied to Rafiq, an inmate in the jail.

He has stated to the police that the box was sent by one Fatima from Bengare.

The police have registered a case in the matter.


    • “Ashpaka trying to deliver Ganja to rapeeka, sent by phateema.. smiles” – Rampa

      In the USA, drugs are peddled by say – Jimmy ‘Whitey’ Bulger, with the blessings of elder bro and the FBI/cops. No Ashpaka, Pathima, Rapeeka, parook, Payaz, Shareepa et al.

      So, could we get a 360 deg-wide view on the OTHER side of the ‘pond’ you happen to straddle?

      Poor simple-minded Rampa… he EVEN has to comment & praise a small stretch of ‘thodway’ ‘repaired’ JUST bcoz somebody emailed him. And that too in a THIRD WORLD country – as he CALLS it! Wowwww! Hahahahaha. And in a 3rd world country, you have the 4th rate class, SS – SAVIORS of the NATION! Woweeee.. 🙂

      The label of 3rd country is SELECTIVE. Happy to note. 🙂

  1. True, it could be Jimmy or Bobby in USA. But, Jimmy/Bobby make up almost 90% of the population. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they are also involved in most of these cases. However, when it comes to India, a minority community is involved in most of these acts. Now, how do I explain such a simple and obvious thing to an illiterate who took months to understand ‘biriyaani’ example? LOL

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