Modi government anchored in glib marketing….

Modi government anchored in glib marketing slogans, exaggeration: Sonia

New Delhi, July 20 (IANS) Congress President Sonia Gandhi, launching a frontal attack on the Modi government, said that it was “anchored in slick marketing events, glib marketing slogans, repackaging and in embellishment and exaggeration”.

Addressing the Congress Parliamentary Party meeting here on Wednesday, Sonia Gandhi also said that the Modi government had mistaken its parliamentary majority for a “licence to impose its narrow ideology” on the people.

“It (the government) seems to have forgotten that parliamentary majority can never be a reason to abandon the principles and practice of Constitutionalism,” said Gandhi.

In reference to the Rajya Sabha elections in Haryana, she said: “We saw how in a never-before-act, pens in a polling booth were mysteriously replaced. On one hand, the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) claims the Constitution to be sacred for his government. But, on the other hand, he has no compunction in trampling upon it – first in Arunachal Pradesh and then in Uttarakhand.”

She also said that “deception was not a new thing” for the Modi government and they were skilled at ignoring facts.

“They propagate false claims and orchestrate unsubstantiated charges against the opposition, especially the Congress,” said Gandhi.

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