30 IS terrorists killed in Iraq

Baghdad, July 12 (IANS) At least 30 Islamic State (IS) terrorists and eight Iraqi soldiers have been killed in separate clashes in Iraq, sources said on Sunday.

The Sunni radical group on Saturday night attacked three military bases of Kurdish security forces, also known as Peshmerga, in Kirkuk, some 235 km north of Baghdad, Xinhua quoted Kamal Kirkuki, a Kurdish security official, as saying.

“The Peshmerga troops, backed by artillery and US-led coalition aircraft, repelled the attacks and forced the terrorists to retreat, killing at least 30 of them,” Kirkuki said.

The warplanes also bombarded an IS weapon warehouse near a village in Kikruk and destroyed several IS vehicles, he added.

In another attack in Anbar, the largest province in Iraq, a suicide car bomb and two roadside bombs were detonated in Abu Fleis village, some 80 km west of Baghdad, which killed eight soldiers and left five others injured, according to a security source.

The attacks came after heavy clashes between the IS fighters and Hashd Shaabi militants over the command of Abu Fleis.

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