35 killed in bomb attacks, clashes with IS terrorists in Iraq

Baghdad, Sep 29 (IANS) A total of 35 people were killed in bomb attacks and clashes with Islamic State (IS) terrorists in Iraq’s western province of Anbar, security sources said.

A suicide bomber drove his explosive-laden military Humvee into a military base that was housing army and allied Hashd Shaabi paramilitary militias and detonated it near the IS-held town of Garma, some 40 km west of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, Xinhua news agency reported on Monday.

The huge blast was followed by heavy mortar barrage on the base.

Meanwhile, the army artillery and aircraft bombarded IS positions in Kubaisah, an IS-held town some 170 km west of Baghdad, leaving 22 people killed, including seven IS terrorists.

Also in the province, a force of Hashd Shaabi militia handed over six bullet-riddled bodies of local policemen to a police station in the town of Khaldiyah, some 80 km west of Baghdad, a local security source said.

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