7,000 asylum seekers pass through Vienna within 24 hours

Vienna, Sep 9 (IANS) About 7,000 asylum seekers passed through this Austrian capital in 24 hours, the police said.

In accordance with its arrangement with the interior ministry, it has not been conducting inspections on passengers on the trains coming from Hungary, allowing them to travel unhindered, Xinhua quoted Police spokesperson Gerald Pangl as saying on Tuesday.

It was reported that Hungary has at least for the most part not prevented the onward travel of the asylum seekers through its territory.

Austrian police are however maintaining their efforts to catch people smugglers on roads.

Only 66 of the 7,000 asylum seekers were said to have made a applications within Austria, with the vast majority continuing onward to Germany.

Their numbers are reportedly fluctuating highly. “There are constantly trains with more asylum seekers coming, and constantly others departing again,” said police spokesperson Patrick Maierhofer.

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