A Destination Unknown!

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Mangalore: A Destination Unknown!

“Steeped in history, blessed by nature, sanctified by faith, alive with wildlife and dotted with destinations”. This is the way one used to describe Mangalore (Rome of the East).

Today we see this small, fast transforming city making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

We have numerous educational institutions to our credit, our enormous wildlife, tourists spots and other things to boast of. But the problems confronting us of late are scary. We have witnessed the meaningless church attacks and mosque attacks all for gaining attention and creating unrest. We consider ourselves as civilized people, but the incidence reflects how much civilized some of us are.

India under the leadership of Gandhi and Nehru was united on all fronts. The truth, bitter though it may be, remains a fact that today we see different faces of one India. An India, which is growing with technological wonder and on the other side, an India biased on religion, hatred and enlivened with class jealousy.

On the same note we have reached a point where the center of gravity is shifting west coast, moreover Mangalore. Murders in the name of religion, harassment to certain segments of society and to worsen our moral, the people who ought to protect us, are working hand in gloves with those interested in disrupting peace

What do we gain by selfish ulterior motives? Can’t we live a life of blissful tranquility! Is it so difficult to leave our egos behind and exist rather coexist in harmony ? Well the answer lies with each one of us.

At this juncture, I would like to ask everyone a simple question. Are we supremely satisfied with the happenings in Mangalore???

Each one of us united can open new possibilities to revive the land of the morning calm. Many of us have connections, influence and power it takes to bring this city out from its darkest pit of despair. But we will never take forward steps until calamities strikes us, that’s our general mindset. Many of our youth are over eager and packed with insights, but nobody is allowing them to rise and shine so that they can bend a new together for a glorious cause in order to save lost pride.
Dooms day is not far away, but is fast approaching if we see our actions and inactions progressing at snail pace.

Incidents of random stabbing, robbery and other increasing crime rates in Mangalore will multiply manifolds if not brought to a full stop. The state government has promised endless promises, nothing seems to emerge, no answers are arrived at! If we don’t act, no one will ever, all we can expect in future is another set of new promises which seems like you know to be fulfilled, but yet not.

A conference at the highest level has to take place and we have to plan fast.

Friends, our patience is being tested and we do not realize it. We have to be a united mob and charge over the assailants and just not remain a spectator. Those days of spectatorship is over because nothing concrete seems to emerge out of the ruins.

Let’s not keep quiet but rise and arise. Fight fire with fire! This was once upon a time, a land where peace prevailed, today we are seeing a complete u-turn. More & more people are being harassed, and tension is reaching climax. We will reach a point where no one will ever even want to look back at this place. Let’s realize our contribution is important, to save our city & save ourselves from eternal damnation. Our task is simple and straightforward, strike like a lightning, whenever you see something go wrong. Don’t wait for others, it will only ruin and destroy.

Recently we saw that, some miscreants destroyed Gandhiji’s statue also. Nothing can get better, and worse so no one knows who has done that.

So guys lets spark a new revolution, of togetherness and like mindedness to live and let live.


By Edmond Fernandes, Mangalore



edmond, India:
thk u all readers,



for more …

mathew abraham, India:
nice pic bro 😉

Miss JM, Bahrain:
Truly inspiring. What has been mentioned is absolutely true. There are a couple of scoundrels who are presently wandering freely. The tranquility of Mangalore is gradually vanishing. I totally support the author & appreciate the courage he possesses to bring up such an article. I also believe that if some people here cannot appreciate ones views, its better they do not comment at all…

ana, India:
very inspiring article eddy….
keep writing such article for our youth so tht we ppl can bring a change n fight bck the wrong things happening.

Karan Shah, India:
way to go Edmond….
This is how one fights for his rights….
We people should be united when living together as a community or else outsiders can take advantage and invade our privacy.

Anil Albert D\\\’Souza, India:
The experts written by u dear Edmond is truly mind blowing and highly awesome. The description given to the city of Mangalore is really a very honest verdict given by u to the readers. I would also love to congratulate u for the courage and daring thoughts that have been imbibed by u in writing such a matured and good article

With humble regards, I remain,
Anil Albert D’Souza

Nelson Lewis, Bahrain:
Dear Mr. Edmond Fernandes,

I have read your article and I have to appreciate your views. It is quite an interesting article and, as you are young, I encourage you to write relentlessly to make steady progress.

In your time, you have all the modern gadgetry and gizmos at your finger tips and not the manual typewriter and paper. During my youth, the mere possession of a manual typewriter was a luxury, which microscopic could afford and have, apart from business houses.

Some people may agree with you, others may not. However, one should write with honesty, sincerity, tenacity and conviction and I feel you have done that and keep up the good work.

I had been to Mangalore and the surrounding areas during the beginning of this year and travelled quite a bit.

Well, the region is a beautiful place and has all the ingredients to become a major tourist destination. However, I wonder if Karnataka has politicians who are progressive and broad-minded enough to realise this and capitalise on it, rather than being obsessed on regional and other issues that are divisive.

In fact, most of the politicians are third or fourth rate stuff, who lack quality education, are totally corrupt, narrow-minded, religious bigots and you can use plenty of expletives to describe them. Some of them look like gorillas, walk like chimanzees and probably smeell like hyenas. These politicians do not want to impart quality education of international standards by increasing the educational budget. A highly educated electorate will be demanding, vociferous and assertive and get rid of these twits (disgraceful politicians) and vote and bring to power politicians who want to do good to the people and serve the nation.

Amongst the present lot, the only man, who could have developed Karnataka and made it a tourist destination would have been S.M. Krishna, but he is presently in the Central Government.

I too have written a travelogue on Mangalore quite some time ago, but it has not made an appearance so far. I am keeping my fingers crossed and keep waiting, though expectently and with a sense of optimism.

With best wishes,

Nelson Lewis

E.Fernandes, UK:
Mr. Shenoy,
I totally agree with Edmond article, it looks bad when u write or critise instead of appreciating.
no doubt you are for BJP. I have nothing to say. but wish you good luck.
I like Edmond article and wish him best and India need more article like this. People who understand they are good in terms. cheerio and god Bless all. well done Edmond.

Best Wishes from
UK + 44-75 53 21 14 08
Sinapore + 65- 9335 4056

Edmond Fernandes, UAE:
Mr Shenoy !

i come again. thks buddy u r an awesome critic in the true spirit !

my solution? well my aim was to bring such matters to light, i am a stupid common man, who happens to write articles from 1 foolish corner of earth. happy now? i hope so..

angry mood is not the point, i am painfully the son of the soil! our indian dreams are being shattered u see….
the culprits are scot free, no clue about what went wrong, thats not bcoz of our lack of intelligence agencies, but due to sidings, our secret partiality.

fair enough u want me to say i havent seen a real fight! i witnessed the happening, as i work with the media!!

shukran !

Edmond Fernandes, UAE:
Mr N.S,

i appreciate ur interest in it. mainly for crtics, thats the way we all learn to take good from all ventures.

well when i meant rise and arise, its for the masses, the people. u know today the roads are spoilt (not roads literally), electricity tolerance is crossing the borderline. things aint the way it used to be, i hope u would be convinced!

fight fire with fire, means when passer-bys and others, watch the insanity in futile submission, cant they take control of the mess??? they see people taking law in their own hands, cant they help in halting such stuff???? r they blind?

Edmond Fernandes, UAE:
Mr Jerome !

many thks for the comment. great to hear not all support goons. unlike some.

well this is today in a write up format, some time later, u will see people rise up to take their stand. really speaking its v easy for mr shenoy to criticise. i admit, there should be 1. what made the attackers do that? well u never can predict any1s selfish ulterior motives, publicity drives..
i hope Mr Shenoy reads this…

once again cheers buddy, we need men like u to save india from the ruins in which it dwells. bcoz 2020 superpower dream seems to be crashing out, perhaps it would be a reality if Mr Abdul kalam was still into the greatness he so rightfully deserves.

SHENOY R, India:
Do you know each and every reader or are you so sure who are those goons that you know their reading habits only stop at udayavani?
-Jerome sitting for Fernandes

Jerome, thanks for your kind views.Do I know the people who have indulged in attacks? No. Do you know? I doubt it. Does any one here in this forum know? Most likely not. Do I know all the readers of this forum? Obviously not. However, it is quite possible that those who indulged in attacks are most likely uneducated people wasting away their youth. I don’t think they are computer literate or internet savvy. By the way I am sure the authour can defend his views nicely himself I take it. I am not surprised to see a defense counsel appearing. You have still not tried to look at the point I had raised ‘what made the attackers do it’?

N S, India:
Let’s not keep quiet but rise and arise. Fight fire with fire! – Author

Fight fire with fire – In what way? Possibly with some articles exposing the truth or counter-attacks? The latter does not seem to be the solution from the author as he has made a special mention to the apostle of peace and non-violence with whom even Big Brother’s Big Man want to dine with.

Or possibly the author means we have to fight fire with a fire which the Mahatma adopted? Ahimsa? If the author can come back and clarify it would be better. Else the write up is an extended version of what has already been discussed for more than 3 years in M.Com. Nothing new or informative.

Jerome, India:
If you look at my post again, you will realise that I have mentioned that none of the readers have any thing to do with the things that have happened in Mangalore. – shenoy

Shenoy what makes you so sure that none of the readers have nothing to do with anything that happened in Manglore? Do you know each and every reader or are you so sure who are those goons that you know their reading habits only stop at udayavani?

Do some soul search and find out what triggered it. I am in no way suggesting that people who did what they did were justified in doing so. What made them do it? Have you thought about it? Contemplate on that.- shenoy

By writing an article on the subject Mr. Fernandes has already contemplated. Now it is your turn to contemplate Shenoy. Please contemplate why you jump to the defense of these thugs everytime someone points a finger at them. What you do call it. Soul search. Do some.

SHENOY R, India:
u ask me if i have seen a real fight, i don’t think i am supposed to tell u my knowings & unknowings,-Authour in an angry mood

Mr Fernandes, I take it that you have not seen any real fight. Perhaps all that you have seen is what is shown in some video clips and some hearsay things. I am surprised to see that you are assuming some thing I have not even implied in my post. If you look at my post again, you will realise that I have mentioned that none of the readers have any thing to do with the things that have happened in Mangalore.

What is your solution to the issues any way? We all know of the problems. Are you asking the readers to go and indulge in fights? That’s not wise. You will do well to realise that some thing would have triggered the undesirable events of Mangalore. Do some soul search and find out what triggered it. I am in no way suggesting that people who did what they did were justified in doing so. What made them do it? Have you thought about it? Contemplate on that.

Edmond, UAE:
Mr Anthony,

specials thks for your comments ! well more than positive growth what is annoying is your primary peace being snatched, i would aptly put it.

nevertheless, all we could is hope for good. let truth prevail !!

Edmond Fernandes, UAE:
Mr Shenoy,

at the outset, let me tell u and get things straight, nowhere in my article have i mentioned or criticised BJP govt, thats the way u interpret it, for which i cannot explain.

u ask me if i have seen a real fight, i don’t think i am supposed to tell u my knowings & unknowings, sorry for being harsh, but u cannot expect to do all the hitting & never hit back.

u say few people? have upset peace, u gotta get stats right friend. i am confident that u are very happy with Ram Sene doings & other mosques being attacked. well thats your way of life. every1 has his own views. for every scoundrel there is a hero, for every enemy there is a friend. hope i have solved your little hiccups.

State govt has given, blood, pain, promises and scary days. home minister has given importance and development of his uppercast people work as most important than the building of nation. CM is only good to show his tears and ready to cut hands but when he realise that – mistake happen from his own house, he is silent and slept under chair. nation can’t run on promise or hope. some courageous men should lead this land. or else it will be another devastating state… no matter what percentage is educated in this state.

James Fernandes, Barkur, USA:
“Mangalore: A Destination Unknown!”

A beautiful slogan/article to attract job creating businesses, for expanding educational, IT, banking, or Medical institutions, calling back the retiring NRIs….and to expand to attract tourists….

Lizia, Kuwait:
Hi Ed,

Excellent writing….
I love Mangalore and the people of Mangalore. I plan to settle down in Mangalore.
I totally agree with you, what you have written about.

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