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When I read the following thoughts from one of the known Christian leaders of Chicago, I had no words to explain!? He said: "Web media has done wonderful job in reporting the Lounge incident. Media is an independent body and they are not required to inform the police. Maintaining the law and order is police job and they are paid by the tax-payers.??

One must appreciate the cameramen for the wonderful pictures which can be used as evidence if the police have a will to prosecute the culprits. Besides, if the police force is not effective, why one should bother to inform them?"

Last Saturday, January 23rd a sad incident took place in Amnesia Pub in Balmatta, Mangalore.? Self proclaimed community police or moral brigade ? Bajranga Dal and Sri Rama Sene activists bombarded and barged into this place in the name of Indian Culture, Indian Behavior, Protecting Women/Girls, etc., etc.? These members start molesting and beating adult girls who were in the pub who ordered some soda and food to eat with their friends.?

Was it arranged by our politicians?? Was it done by other pub/bar owners in Mangalore?? If you want to beat up someone, we have plenty of youth.? They do so for a few bucks and some liquor.? It happened before in my days and it is going to happen even in the future as our politicians and some crooked businessmen are absolutely, positively brainless.? I really do not understand why our voters are electing some of these useless persons!

These? Bajranga Dal and Sri Rama Sene members invited media people to publicize this event and when they started bullying pub personnel and starting beating these girls, the cameras, video cameras were ready with action.? They captured everything that took place in this pub and outside with their cameras.? Immediately they uploaded their videos on Internet websites, published in the media and the entire world was surprised to see this barbaric forcible act by these fanatic groups of ruling BJP affiliation. It is high time we put them behind bars, as we do not need these miscreants to spoil the good name of Mangalore.

It is a good time for BJP politicians to stay away from these sick/hate groups.? BJP wanst to do good for Karnataka/India and these rascals are spoiling the show of improvement/development in our communities.??


My question was, why did these reporters not act as good citizens of India by notifying the police immediately?? Do we have any community responsibility here?? Or we just want to watch when people act stupidly and create havoc in our communities??? The whole world knows that the job of the police is to protect community people.? If the police were not aware of this incident prior to their action, how could they control this situation?? Isn?t it these media people?s responsibility to notify them also as a good citizen of Mangalore/India?? Aren?t these journalists supporting these goondas to carry on their wicked activity of beating up innocent young girls in the pub?? Who gave them the authority to do so?? Who appointed them as Community Police Force or Moral Brigade?? Where are our elected officials, politicians, fathers of Karnataka State?? Where was our police force who could take strict action per law of the land on these criminals when they took part in beating up Christian groups, nuns, women and children with lathis few months ago?? What happened to these hooligans?? Everything faded away by the wind and they are popping up as moral brigade?

Everything is commercialized now and there is no morale amongst us; which is a very sad situation after all!? Even these goondas had some bombs and they had blasted in the pub, our media would have felt very happy and they would have raised their shirt collars with pride to show this exciting event on their web, TV?s and media newspapers!? Instead of avoiding such criminal acts, we are encouraging these people to do more by keeping quiet prior to these actions.? Instead of breaking their legs before it takes place, we are keeping quiet and appreciating the acts on the media by saying that, ?Wow we have the photographs of these criminals!?? What a world we are living in!

Not even a single good god loving Hindu appreciated this act of destruction in the name of great Bajrang (Hanuman) and Sri Ram.? They do the same thing in Maharashtra in the name Shiva!? What brainless groups we have in India and they take action on public by taking law into their hands!?? If there is really something wrong going on, we have law enforcement officers to take stringent action according to the law of the land.? Our peaceful communities do not need goondas to take control of us.

The inhuman attack on young girls allegedly by Sri Rama Sene and Bajranga Dal activists, though not seriously taken by the local authorities yet, has now gained national attention.? Why is our police force so quiet and helpless in this situation even though Chief Minister Dr. Yeddiyurappa advised them to take strict action on them?? Oh no, where am I?? They arrested 50 activists on this charge and all these 50 will be put in jail for a while with good meals to consume and let go scot free as birds, because election is coming and we have to show some dramatics now!

Usually only major issues like communal disturbances and international events were seen on the national television channels.? But Saturday?s attack is now being highlighted all over in India and also abroad.

The Bajrang Dal a Hindu organization in India, is the youth wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and is based on the ideology of Hindutva. Founded on October 1, 1984 in Uttar Pradesh, India, it has since spread throughout India. The group claims to have 1,300,000 members, of whom 850,000 are workers, and runs about 2,500 akhadas (similar to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s shakhas). "Bajrang" is in reference to the Hindu deity Hanum?n.

The Bajrang Dal’s slogan is ‘sev? surakṣ? sanskṛti’ or "service, safety, and culture." An integral part of its agenda is preventing the slaughter of cows, which is enshrined in Article 48 of Indian Constitution. One of the Dal’s goals is to build the Ramjanmabhoomi temple in Ayodhya, the Krishnajanmabhoomi temple in Mathura and the Kashi Vishwanath temple in Kashi (Varanasi), which are currently disputed places of worship. Other goals include protecting India’s Hindu identity from the perceived dangers of communism, Muslim demographic growth and Christian conversion.

Dakshina Kannada police superintendent N. Sateesh Kumar, if you are a real protector of Mangalorean citizens, wake up!? You cannot waste even a single minute on this issue and see that these activists stop their nuisance of harassing/beating/molesting people in the name of morale.? If our Home Minister Dr. V. S. Acharya, Chief Minister Dr. Yeddiyurappa is concerned about law and order in our communities, it is time to ban this anti-communal and barbaric terrorism minded groups in Karnataka/India.? We do not need such hate groups to bring discipline in our communities.? We have lived in our communities for a long time peacefully without the action of these moral police; we do not need them at all.

Pramod Mutalik, founder-president of Sri Rama Sene was arrested on Tuesday for an old case of inciting communal disharmony.? Mutalik was away in Maharashtra when a group of 40 people bashed up young women in the Mangalore pub. Sri Rama Sena claimed responsibility for the attack. Its Karnataka vice-president Prasad Attavara and 26 others have been arrested for the Mangalore attack.? Mutalik has defended the attack in interviews to the media. But he also apologized to the victims.

Mutalik defended the attack and apologized to the victims!? What a brainless creature he is.? On the one hand,? he is defending the attack, and on the other hand he is apologizing to the victims.? Is he sharpening his Sri Rama Sene?s double standard sword?

My fellow Mangaloreans, please become good citizens of India.? If you see something wrong is happening in the society, save the community people from that danger and stop encouraging goondas just to watch their faces in action in cameras or in the media.? As you live in your community, you have every right to protect fellow community members irrespective of caste, religion, color and nationality.? Bring love, peace and harmony in our communities so that we can live like one huge family of humanity; not like a bunch of animals in the jungle who fight for their own territories and kill each other to fill their stomach as food.? If you hear or see any suspicious activity, before notifying media people for self gained publicity, notify the law enforcement department to take timely action to stop such nonsense happening again to spoil the good name of Mangalore/India.


Austin Prabhu, Chicago

Author: Austin Prabhu- Chicago

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