A Martyr’s Mother

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""Name:  Venitia Hycinth Sequeira
Date of Birth:  1/11/1991
Father’s Name:  Vincent Jerome Sequeira
Mother’s Name:  Harush Mariette Sequeira
Native Place:  Bijai, Mangalore

Venitia is a Class X student of the Indian School, Wadi Kabir, Sultanate of Oman.  She is a  budding poetess who has always been interested in penning her thoughts down.  The result has been some beautiful poetry which has been regularly featured in the Thursday Magazine of the Times of Oman for the last couple of years.

A Martyr’s Mother

A drop of tear trickled down her eye,
And mingled with the blood of her son.
In her arms he lay dead,
Unable to share in his toddler?s youthful fun.

She cursed the man who killed him,
She regretted sending him to war,
But, doubtless, every word she spoke
Held pride to the core.

Proud ? her son was a martyr,
Proud ? he?d fought to his last dying breath
And then when he hadn?t an ounce of strength left,
He lay down on his motherland?s soil, as still as death.

She was sure his closed hazel brown eyes,
Still had the merry, twinkling, youthful glow.
He had died, fighting for his country,
Leaving behind a childless mother, a fatherless toddler & a lovely young widow.


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