A Ray Of Hope

""Name:  Cydelle Maria Pais
Parents: Claude Pais and Brenda Pais
Place of Residence: Abu Dhabi
Age: 11
School: St. Joseph’s school, Abu Dhabi

I am Cydelle Maria Pais, Daughter of Claude Pais, from Bendur Mangalore.  My mother’s name is Brenda.

I have a 3 year old Sister Cayleigh. This true incident was told by my father and I want to share with all Mangalorean.com readers.  I am 11 years old, studying in 6th Std – St. Joseph’s school, Abu Dhabi.  I am learning Piano and love to act in skits and plays.

I am also interested in skating and drawing. I had taken part in our  School Annual day celebrations  in a play called RATS. Please view my picture captured while I’m on stage. (You can see me wearing a green skirt and shirt).


A Ray Of Hope

"Get out of my class, Rakesh!!" shouted Professor Shankar in the middle of his lecture. He just could not tolerate somebody sleeping in his class, that too while solving  a problem in  accountancy.   The boy sitting next to him immediately tried to wake up Rakesh who was not just sleeping but snoring too. "Get out of my class" the professor shouted once again (this time in a louder voice).  The Professor  was now bubbling with anger and his cheeks had turned a  little red. "Do not enter my class until I  see your parents, you are suspended" said the Professor.  This was the third time Rakesh was caught sleeping in the class. With a guilty feeling and sad face Rakesh left the classroom.  

Professor Shanker was a well known writer and had written several books on Accountancy.  A disciplined man who never tolerated any kind of mischief in his class and always wanted 100% result at the end of the year.

Rakesh cursed himself for falling asleep and waited for Shankar to come out of the classroom. He humbly requested him "Sir, I apologize for sleeping in class, I will not repeat this again, please allow me to sit in your class".  The Professor glared at Rakesh and said firmly, "No way, I have already told you, until I meet your parents, I will not permit you to sit in my class. So, please go from here". Rakesh was very much disappointed and tears rolled down his eyes.

Days passed, Rakesh’s parents did not come to meet the Professor and he was still not taken back in the class.

One evening Professor Shankar took his wife and children to the famous vegetarian restaurant in town. He asked the waiter to clean the table while placing the order for food. The waiter called out loudly, "Rakesh, clean this table fast."  Rakesh came to the table to clean and seeing the Professor, wished him. The Professor could not believe his eyes. He was shocked to see Rakesh working in the restaurant!  He asked him with a perplexed look on his face "what are you doing here?" Rakesh replied "Sir, I am a cleaner here, I work till midnight. I come from a very poor family.   My  parents cannot afford to pay my fees". The Professor was ashamed.  He  immediately left that place without placing an order and asked Rakesh  to meet him in the morning.  

The next day, the students were shocked to see Rakesh back in Professor Shankar’s class.  They welcomed him happily. When Professor Shankar came to class, he told Rakesh in front of the whole class, that he should stop working in the restaurant and he had made an arrangement for the payment of his fees. Rakesh did not utter a word.  Tears dropped down his face. From that day onwards he never worked as a cleaner and was given a scholarship, because of this kind hearted Professor.

— Cydelle Maria Pais

Author: Cydelle Maria Pais- Abu Dhabi