Abu Dhabi: Bearys Welfare Forum observes ‘Seeratunnabi’

UAE: Bearys Welfare Forum, Abu Dhabi, a highly respected charity organization, observed “Seeratunnabi” highlighting the teachings of Islam and Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) on Friday, 8 January-2016 at the Banquet hall of Arab Udupi Restaurant, Abu Dhabi.

Mohamed Rafeeq Krishnapur, Vice President, BWF- inaugurated the programme. The Quran recitation was done by V K Mohamed Iqbal.

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BWF president Mohamed Ali Uchil presided over the function and welcomed the guests and the gathering.

Abdulla Madumoole, G Secretary, BWF – delivered a powerful introductory speech highlighting the current turbulence in the society and advised how to overcome it by following peaceful, accommodating means taught by prophet Mohamed (PBUH).

Bearys Welfare Forum is carrying forward and reviving the rich tradition of the Beary Community which is tolerance and co existence, and has been serving the poorest of the poor in the community. It is note worthy that BWF is arranging social and cultural program. The mass marriage of poor girls arranged by BWF, and the “Shouchalaya project” is a great achievement and I congratulate BWF for this”.

Said chief Guest of the function Haneef Khan Kodage, President, SDPI, South Kanara District, highlighted the greatness, simplicity and life aspects of Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him). and touched on all points affecting the community and emphasized to have patience in every aspect of life, which is a basic principal of Islam.

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Moulana Rakeeb Hudavi delivered the key note address. Abdul Salam Surthkal was present on the dais as guest of honor. Abdul Jaleel Gurupur compered the programme. Mohamed Kallapu was overall coordinator of the programme.

Siddik Uchil along with Abdul Rauf, Imran Ahmed, Nazeer Ubar, Moinuddin Handel, V K Rasheed coordinated the programme.

BWF- Vice president Hamza A Khader, Treasurer Muhammed Siddik Kaup, MohdKallpu and Basheer Bajpe coordinated the programme.

BWF executives, Abdul Majeed, Ismail Shivamogga, Majeed Athoor, Hameed Gurupur,Mustafa Mata, Haneef Ullal and Abdul Rasheed Bijai, Basheer Uchil, Jaffer Sadiq and Nawaj Uchl, were instrumental in organizing the programme.

Nearly 200 community members attended the programme, Mohamed Siddik Kaup delivered the vote of thanks.

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