Account-holder Reveals ATM Details, Loses Money

Account-holder Reveals ATM Details, Loses Money

Subrahmanya: In spite of regular reports in the media and cautions issued by the police, there are still people getting cheated by unknown callers and trapped into revealing their ATM card numbers, passwords etc.

Filing a complaint with the police after losing money would not help because tracking down online trickers could not only a laborious mission but also time-consuming. Precaution is the best method to prevent the frauds.

Harish Rai of Kalleri holds an account with Canara Bank’s Yenmoor branch. A few days ago, it was reportedly blocked. It failed to work when inserted into any ATM kiosk.

A week ago, he received a call from an unidentified caller, claiming to be an official from the head of Canara Bank. He told Rai that he had come to know that his card was blocked and had called him to help in getting it reactivated.

Harish felt happy about it and willingly revealed the embossed digital number as well as the number overleaf. The caller gave him a new card number and a fresh PIN to be noted down, which Rai faithfully did.

Then the caller wanted Rai to provide a witness to confirm the process and his ATM number. Rai called his friend Anand from Nintikallu and gave his ATM number as well. The caller hung up after saying all would be fine then onwards.

Next day, when Anand checked his account, a sum of Rs 1,000 withdrawn by fraudsters. He paid a price for offering himself as a witness.

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