Activists to seek constitutional rights for animals

New Delhi, (IANS) To mark the International Day of Justice on Friday, animal activists will come together in the national capital to demand that the Constitution recognise all animals as sentient beings.

The two-week campaign titled “Demand Justice for Animals” was launched by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) on July 3, and has participants from 20 cities across the country.

“Hens are made to live in cramped and confined conditions, cows survive in industrialised systems often with painful udder infections, while animals are made to learn and perform unnatural tricks with methods that are nothing short of barbaric, a common minimum sensitivity towards all animals is long overdue,” said FIAPO campaign coordinator Priyanka Singh.

The activists also demanded that with more countries recognising animals as sentient beings, New Zealand being the latest addition, it was high time India followed suit.

“We’ve so far rescued 76 animals, from seven circuses in India. With the International Justice Day, the idea is to invite the public to participate in a dialogue about animal rights,” said event organiser Arpan Sharma.

The campaign gathered momentum with thousands of people standing up for Justice for Animals and popularising the hashtag #JusticeforAnimals on Instagram and Facebook.

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