Adnan Sami gets flak from ‘outraged’ Pakistanis

Adnan Sami gets flak from ‘outraged’ Pakistanis

New Delhi, Sep 30 (IANS) Singer Adnan Sami, who is of Pakistani origin but is now an Indian citizen, has hailed the Indian Army for conducting surgical strikes on terror camps across the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir. On being trolled on Twitter by Pakistanis, he said their outburst clearly means they fail to distinguish between “terrorist and Pakistan”.

“Pakistanis are outraged by my earlier tweet. Their outburst clearly means they see terrorist and Pakistan as the same! Self-goal. Stop terrorism,” Adnan tweeted on Friday after receiving hate comments on his previous post.

The singer, who received his certificate of Indian citizenship earlier this year, had first tweeted: “Big Congratulations to PMO India and our brave armed forces for a brilliant, successful and mature strategic strike against terrorism! Salute.”

Adnan, whose father Arshad Sami Khan was a diplomat and served as Pakistan’s ambassador to 14 countries, angered many Twitter users, including Salman Ahmad of Pakistani band Junoon.

“Being the son of a Pakistani ambassador should’ve told you that no one wins a war between nuclear states. According to your twisted logic, your father too has served as a terrorist ambassador. Have you disowned your parents too,” Salman Ahmad questioned Adnan.

Other Twitter users also slammed Adnan, who was born in Britain.

One wrote: “Adnan Bhai you were a Pakistani and you better know the strength of Pak Army.”

Another tweeted: “You don’t have to keep reaffirming your pledge of allegiance to your new motherland.”

A Twitter user also mentioned how his father “was in PAF and was awarded Hilal-i-Imtiaz if I wasn’t wrong and you’re calling them terrorist”.

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  1. “Their outburst clearly means that they see terrorists and pakistan as same” – Report quoting a bollywood personality who seems to be very different from other unknowns.

    He is almost correct, but not 100%. There is a bigger truth that nobody wants to admit in india with a few exceptions like RSS. One has to understand why Pakistan, terrorists and Kashmiri separatists are all in the same team. Answer – Umma. Unfortunately this truth is not welcome in today’s indian society where stenographers are lazy and hiding. Political parties are too busy banning truth. Future looks very bleak unless Sri Modiji does something!!

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