African Hunting Cheetah ‘Ganapati’ in Mysuru Zoo Dies

Mysuru: A male African Hunting Cheetah, Ganapati, aged about 4 years 11 months, born to Brunda in Mysuru Zoo, was suffering from chronic progressive neurological disorder, leading to hind limb paralysis.

The Cheetah started showing weakness of hind limbs and found difficulty in walking 10 months ago. All possible investigations and expert opinion were sought to rule out the causative agent.
African-hunting -cheetah-20160417    (file photo for illustration only) 

Finally, it was concluded that the animal had some genetic deformity and necessary treatment was being carried out all these days.

Later on, over the last 4 months, the animal was recumbent and hence developed bedsores in all the pressure points. Physiotherapy and wound treatment were continued.

Over the past 7 days, the animal reduced feed intake and blood examinations revealed severe infection and septicemia. On Apr 15, all efforts and surgical procedures were carried out to treat the wounds caused by bedsore up to late evening.

The zoo deputy director, range forest officer, supervisor and animal-keepers stayed in attendance during the whole process. However, the cheetah did not respond to the treatment and succumbed to death in the night at in the inpatient ward of the zoo hospital.

Four (2:2) African Hunting Cheetahs had been received during 2011 from Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve, South Africa. Out of which Brunda the mother of Cheetah Ganapathi had conceived 4 times and delivered 15 cubs. Except one, all 15 died owing to genetic deformity.

The only one to have survived, who too died of the same deformity. The mother, Brunda, is also suffering from the hindlimb weakness. Hence, it has been housed at Chamundi Rescue, Rehabilitation and Conservation Breeding Centre, Kurugahalli. As of now, the Mysuru Zoo has 1:1 (2 nos.) Cheetahs, of which the male, Arjun, is on display.
The entire zoo fraternity has mourned the death of Ganapati, the Hunting Cheetah.

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