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Home Articles After Maiden Kannada Song 'Oh Chitteye', Jaison Sequeira Releases Hindi Single ‘Mera...

After Maiden Kannada Song ‘Oh Chitteye’, Jaison Sequeira Releases Hindi Single ‘Mera Desh’

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After Maiden Kannada Song ‘Oh Chitteye’, Jaison Sequeira Releases Hindi Single ‘Mera Desh’

Mangaluru: While looking at all the singers and bands that exist here, for Kudla, music is as essential an entity as probably the story as a whole. Some of the compositions by these new singers remain a patriotic favourite among cult music lovers irrespective of the age or era they belonged to. With the advent of not just online forums to showcase one’s musical inclinations, but also music festivals enjoying a moment on the commercial music scene apart from big music producers showing an interest in their music and underground musicians, it looks like new-age music might just break all social norms and conventions surrounding Education Town-Smart Mangaluru!

If ardent music aficionados and experts are to be believed, in the last decade or so, music and it’s many intricacies have almost transformed into a kaleidoscope of interesting genres, voices, rhythm and tunes, complete with experimental beats and fused instruments. Some of the most talented new musicians on the scene give us their two bits on the changing scenario. And one among them is Jaison J Sequeira, a 27-year-old singer-songwriter hailing from Gurupura, Mangaluru, who started composing songs in his early teens when his parents bought him a keyboard and a guitar.

Having done his schooling at St Joseph’s HS -Bajpe; PUC at St Aloysius PU College-Mangaluru, Degree at Alva’s College, and completing his M Sc in Mangalore University, currently Jaison is employed at Eurofins Advinus Ltd., Bengaluru as a research scientist. Young Jaison has been singing his own songs in competitions conducted by his parish until 2011 when his songs were presented at Konkani Natak Sabha Inter-Parish singing competition, which fetch him prizes. Soon his songs reached a wider audience when 11 out of the 12 songs he sang during the TV reality show “Soad 4” were self-composed. This motivated him to produce and release his maiden music album ‘Ho Jeev’ in the year 2016. This album was nominated in the best music album category during the Global Konkani Music Awards -2017.

Jaison has composed close to hundred songs in different languages including Konkani, Kannada, Tulu, Hindi and English. His poems have been published in regional magazines and websites and recited on All India Radio. Apart from this, he has been frequently uploading poetry recitals on Facebook covering issues pertaining to politics and humanity. He put up his first musical show ‘Poilo Sur’ at Kalaangann-Mangaluru which received much appreciation for its uniqueness. His dream venture ‘Paypassion’, an online portal for all the young and old talents of our region, is in its testing phase.

Jaison had launched his First Kannada Song “Oh Chitteye” (Oh Butterfly) on YouTube, and the song released on YouTube on Republic Day 26 January, received nearly 1500 views on the first day, and the number of viewers is multiplying day by day. And on the 150th birth anniversary of the Mahatma Gandhi celebrated on 2 October 2018, when his importance is made limited to just cleaning the surroundings and not one’s self, when our nation is unable to define the modern notion of ‘nationalism’, when its citizens are struggling to describe their love towards their own country in their own way, Jaison Sequeira brought out his Hindi single ‘Mera Desh’- It revolves around ones love for his/her country. This love is condition less and ignorant of ‘nationalism’ or ‘patriotism’ of the present times. Instead believes in the truth and simplicity of the past.

After releasing his first Kannada single ‘Oh Chitteye’ in January 2018, Jason also writes, composes, arranges music and sings his original compositions. This is quite rare in today’s world full of cover songs. He says ‘It is a busy life. But I make sure to give time for music as it gives peace of mind and some me-time. And when it is original, it is a different feeling’. This production is unique because it tries to prove that quality lies in the composition and not merely in how it is produced, says Jaison.

He adds ‘this I believe is one of those songs that stand on the purpose and not on the presentation as it is made with the lowest budget one could imagine’. Yet, “Mera Desh” will be streamed and available for paid-downloads on renowned sites like CDbaby, Apple iTunes, Saavn, Amazon Music and so on. For regional music enthusiasts, Paypassion Online Store will be distributing the downloadable copies. This is something new for regional artists as well as music lovers.

“Mera Desh” is written and composed by Jaison Sequeira featuring himself in the video of the song. The video is directed by Vinay HS, with technical assistance from Lohith Kumar and Deepak Naik of Caravan Art Studio. This is the same production team that produced “Oh Chitteye”. The video also contains footage by Vivek Gowda, Blink Films featuring Mangalore Horse Riding Academy and Sandesha, Mangaluru. The audio was recorded, mixed and mastered by Rynel Sequeira, Sandesha. Multi-instrumentalist Reuben Machado has rendered flute and xylophone for the song.

Paypassion has been actively promoting the works of regional artists online. This production is released under its banner and in association with Caravan Art Studio. As the founder of this online platform, Jaison Sequeira urges the creative community to come up with original products and assures that Paypassion will help them with online solutions. The major setback for this passionate community is the lack of channels to get monetary returns from their work. Now, Paypassion is providing a platform to encourage general public to value original artistic material.

Paypassion Online Store sells books, ebooks, music in both physical and digital forms, event-tickets and promotional merchandise. The Konkani speaking community has shown a warm response to this initiative and so far sold quite a few E-tickets for drama shows and downloadable music. Jaison had appealed his audience on Facebook to pre-book ‘Mera Desh’ MP3 copies. ‘It was quite successful. “Mera Desh” is now a kind of ‘crowd funded’ single’ he says. To support this artist and his team buy the single on Paypassion Online Store and to watch the video song subscribe to Paypassion Productions.

Team Mangalorean is proud of our very own ‘Kodiyalaso Chedo Jaison Sequeira’ and I conclude this column by saying-“Jason, you very well deserve the congrats for your hard work, determination and dedication towards music. Seems like making the impossible into possible is your own and unique style, which needs to be appreciated. Living up to the expectations is itself a great success and you have made it. You are an inspiring singer and you are an inspiration for the budding singers/musicians. I can say that strength, determination, challenges and confidence counts your success -and no doubt that’s the secret of your success. The latest success of yours in the field of music is yet another ‘milestone’ in your success story. You are for sure going to attain new heights with lot more successes. Keep up the good work that you are entrusted with, and may God bless you”

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNwfZ2OG6SWsVl_YGgcfykg

Konkani Singer/Song-Writer Jaison Sequeira releases 1st Kannada Song on YouTube

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