Airbase strike has Pakistani daily worried

Islamabad, Sep 19 (IANS) The terror strike at a Pakistani airbase brought back memories of the horror of the attack on Peshawar’s Army Public School in which 150 people, mostly children, were killed, a Pakistani daily said on Saturday.

Over 40 people, including an army captain, were killed while 13 terrorists were gunned down in the attack at the Pakistan Air Force camp in Peshawar’s Badaber area.

“Luckily, the Badaber camp is no longer an operational air force base and is used as a PAF training camp,” it said.

The daily said that terror strike “raises serious concerns over the ability of the state to preempt at source any attack on key facilities”.

It noted that law-enforcement agencies were much better prepared for this attack, which is shown by the confirmation that all the attackers were killed, unlike previous assaults on military and civilian installations where the attackers were able to escape without much loss.

“Given its location and the targeting of a military affiliated institution, the attack brought back memories of the horror of the Army Public School where 150 students were killed.

“That attack became a game-changer for the national resolve to eliminate terrorism of all kinds.”

The editorial said that the message sent by the Badaber camp attack is clear: the TTP is still strong enough to mount an organised attack on a key military installation.

“This must be responded to with a clear message: the resolve of the Pakistani people and military is stronger still. Our resolute commitment to the National Action Plan will continue to be tested in days like these.”

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