Albanian interior minister receives threatening message

Tirana, Nov 16 (IANS) Albanian Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri has received a threatening message from those allegedly supporting the Islamic State (IS) terror group, authorities said on Monday.

“It is your turn now. The Holy War against those involved in a war against the Islamic State has started. You will shake and kneel in front of Allah,” the message said.

Albania’s anti-terror department has launched a probe into the matter, Xinhua news agency reported.

Prime Minister Edi Rama has also announced the security level would be raised and security measures for important buildings, border checkpoints, military bases, airports, ports, schools and hospitals would be tightened.

Every person that passes the Albanian borders will undergo a detailed check and the State Police is sharing information with its counterparts worldwide on all elements that are suspected to be involved in terrorist acts, the authorities added.


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