Alert, Alert! Be Prepared for Four Bank Holidays in a Row Later This Month…

special correspondent

Mangaluru: This happens in India very often.

Holidays fall on consecutive days and bank customers and businesses suffer as a result. And there seems to be no solution in sight.


If one thought that it was the case only during Diwali or Dasara every year, March seems to compete with it this year.

Banks will remain closed for four days running later this month.

March 24 – Holi
March 25 – Good Friday
March 26 – Saturday holiday for banks
March 27 – Sunday

Because of annual closing of accounts at the end of the month, there could be load of work. Because of continuous holidays, ATM kiosks are likely to go empty and refurbishing process could be delayed.

Readers are requested to make advance preparations to meet with the situation and pass the word around to others.

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