‘Altering to grey’-She hates me

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‘Altering to grey’-She hates me

Something is burning inside me
A vector of pain is torturing me
All over the day an emotional journey
beyond the rolling hills and across the hell
But I couldn’t find the reason of pain.
At night I lay down to ease my pain
Willing for the absence of stimuli
But I have been caught up in a dream
A dream with strange anguish vision.
In silence I stepped toward the safe rhythm
A Journey with the blood that’s rushing in my vein
Trying to find the one proper way in nine.
It’s dark inside containing assumptions
I noticed a strange aesthetic literature
carved her name on my intima.
I feel she is hiding somewhere in me
To the every end I chased with shallow breathe.
Then I found her rushing to my narrow capillary
holding a burning fire torch in her hand
In dark black she forms a white shadow
Bleeding everything to a grey graffiti.
I moved close to hold her in tendency
She glowered at me and answered “she hates me”
But a sound from my spiral bone says “she loves me”
She is alone, adamantly flowing in me and hurts me so bad.
Let her misbehavior turn to my peace of mind
I know she won’t change, but I won’t let her go.

by: Mohammed Mohsien

Author’s Note: I am Mohammed Mohsien from Mangaluru,India. This poem I dedicate to all my family and friends- the poetry contains just fictions as I much prefer writing fictions. I wish those who read will find some emotion and happiness with their imaginations. Find me in instagram: @mmohsien. I have posted most of my poetry and art. I thank you all for taking time in reading my work.

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