Alternate jute use needs encouragement: Textiles minister

Kolkata, Sep 1 (IANS) While the demand for jute will remain stable on account of the provisions in the Jute Packaging Materials Act, its alternate uses, especially in geotextiles is needed for the industry to prosper, union Textiles Minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar said on Tuesday.

“The sourcing of gunny bags will continue following the JPMA which makes it mandatory for certain industries to use jute. However, its alternate uses in modern context needs to be promoted for the industry to stand on its own feet,” Gangwar told media persons here while inaugurating the foundation stone of the new Patsan Bhavan.

The upcoming Rs. 70 crore nine-storied building near Kolkata will house several offices of jute sector in an integrated office complex.

The minister said use of jute-based geotextiles needs to be promoted extensively.

This category of textile is composed of permeable fabrics which, when used in association with soil, have the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, or drain.

Officials off the West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation and Eastern Railways said they have used the jute-based geotextiles in major constructions and praised its quality.

Besidese geotextiles, which will be used majorly in the commercial sector, Gangwar said the fibre-based woven composites and designer products are also on the textiles ministry’s agenda.

He said IIT Kanpur has used jute to come up with a sanitary napkin which may soon be introduced for consumers.

Jute – being a natural bio-degradable fibre – will play a role in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Clean India campaign, the minister added.

Provisions in JPMA makes it compulsory for certain consumer goods segment like rice and sugar to compulsorily use gunny bags for a part of their shipment.

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