Ambulance Staff Ensures Safe Childbirth in Transit

Ambulance Staff Ensures Safe Childbirth in Transit

Puttur: Often it happens that owing to lack of convenience and facilities, mothers-to-be from rural areas get admitted to hospitals for childbirth at advanced stages of pregnancy. There could other physical reasons like stress which might hasten the delivery.

There have been many cases of women having had childbirth in transit while on the way to the hospital during the past few years.

In yet another incident, a woman from Bakilagadde of Udane, felt pains at home around 5 am on Wednesday, July 27. A 108 ambulance was called for.

The ambulance staff responded immediately and shifted Leelavati into the vehicle on way to Mangaluru. But she happen to deliver the bady in the ambulance itself.

Kumar, the emergency medical technician (EMT), and ambulance driver Chandrakant rose to the occasion and ensured smooth childbirth.

The mother and baby were admitted to a hospital in Puttur thereafter.

Childbirth in Transit:

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