Amy Poehler inspired by Tom Hanks for ‘Inside Out’

Los Angeles, June 15 (IANS) American actress-comedian Amy Poehler says she was inspired by Tom Hanks’s character Woody in “Toy Story” for her role in Disney-Pixar’s animated film “Inside Out”.

“I listened to Tom Hanks’s performance in ‘Toy Story’ because it was like, how do you play a character like Woody, who I love and my kids love, that’s like, ‘Come on! Go get ’em!’ without it driving you crazy?’,” she said.

“I thought, ‘what would Hanks do?’ – like most things.”

Poehler, 43, voices the emotion ‘Joy’ in the film, which got a standing ovation at this year’s edition of the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival last month.

The film, which also stars Mindy Kaling, Diane Lane, Bill Hader and Lewis Black, will hit the screens in India on June 26.

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