Ancient tomb found in China

Beijing, Sep 26 (IANS) Chinese archaeologists discovered a burial tomb that could date to the Liao Dynasty (916 to 1125 AD), in north China’s Mongolia region, an official said.

The tomb, 300 metres from the tomb of a concubine, is in Duolun county, Xinhua news agency quoted the regional institute of archaeology as saying on Friday.

“They are in the same valley. Its owner may be a key member of the concubine family,” said Gai Zhiyong, deputy head of the institute.

Currently, archaeologists are removing the tomb door, which is made of crystal-like bricks and its passage features black bricks.

Gai said the delicate decorations inside the grave show the high rank of this noble.

Similar decorations have only been found in two Liao Dynasty tombs, and both were high-ranking nobles.

The Liao Dynasty was founded by the Khitan tribes and ruled the northern part of China.

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