Animal Lover


""Name:  Jovian Monteiro
Age: 6 Years
Place of Residence: Abu Dhabi
Name of Father: Owen Monteiro
Name of Mother: Joyce Monteiro
Name of Sister: Samantha Monteiro
School:  Grade I A , Our Own English High School Abu Dhabi

My name is Jovian. I am in Grade I, studying at Our Own English High School Abu Dhabi.   I like  to admire God’s creation  and I love animals too.  I have visited  Al Zoo along with my  parents many times.  I love drawing, colouring, painting, and cycling.

Animal Lover:  I have a lot of passion for animals. I have visited Al Ain Zoo a number of times. The animals are so beautifully created by God. They are so colourful.   When I grow up I want to be a Jockey.  I love horses too.


National Day Picture:  My school celebrated National Day on a very good scale. We had lots of Arabic Songs, dances and variety entertainment. UAE is full of Arab Culture. I was inspired to draw the boy and the girl on 2nd December 2007.   The girl is my sister and the boy is me.  Hope you like it.


Travelling by ship: I love to travel a lot.  During the weekends and holidays I accompany my parents to the park, zoo, the desert and different places in UAE.  During the Eid holidays we visited Oman.  It is beautiful.  I liked the date trees, the desert areas, the beach  and the dunes.  I love water and my best means of transport is the ship. You feel so calm and nice when you see the sea. It is amazing to see the fishes in the water too. 


These are my first three drawings and I will contribute more and more in this column.