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Dec 20, 2014
 By: Alfie D'souza-Illinois
Expect great things and fun from team- that's right! The 2014 Exposition of Sacred Relics of
 By: Alfie D'Souza, Illinois
The City's first-of-its-kind 900 meter dirt track featuring three 'table-tops', and mounds of dirt piled up at a height, including
 By: Fr Cedric Prakash sj
The Jesuits were unitedly working together with other civil society leaders to end the bloody civil war which was
 By: Tauseef Ahmed M
there are plenty of people around us who are in need of love, care, food, clothes..if each one of us could find a little time for
 By: Alfie D'Souza, Illinois
She tells me that most of the motorists don't use common sense when they are on the road, and when they get
 By: Stany D'Souza, Bajpe
Among great international personalities who visited Mani Bhavan were the human rights activist leader Martin Luther King
 By: Alfie D'Souza- Illinois
Michael has been driving for the last 82 years, ever since he joined the British Army when he was just 18- and has been a
 By: Dr Pracheth R, MBBS, MD
Why is our attitude towards the elderly so unfavourable? Why is it that we are reluctant to look after the same people who
 By: Alfie D'Souza, Illinois
It takes between 7 and 8 years to produce a bottle of tequila, and thereafter begins the process of aging in oak barrels to form
 By: Alfie D'Souza-Illinois
We have lots of tools that we can use to help people with irregular heartbeats manage their condition, and we work as
 By: Violet Pereira, Team Mangalorean
Many Hindus regard the dark fortnight of Mahalaya or Pitripaksha, the lunar period in September-October as sacred. It is dedicated
 By: Savitha Sastry/AK Srikanth (Sai Shree Arts- Mumbai
In India there isn't even that indulgence. Large portion of the crowd, assuming there is one, leave midway. Many of those that remain
 By: Alfie D'Souza-Illinois
While she was recovering in the hospital, Arunima decided that she has to do something in her life rather than just remain a ordinary
 By: Richard Lasrado
Jaws dropped as a huge ten-wheel truck was seen swerving into the Al Arif poultry farm at Moodugopadi near here on Friday evening
 By: Alban D'Souza – Udyavara
Monthi Fest is the celebration of family bonds, filial relationships and a feast which makes us aware that we are very much part of the
 By: Fr Cedric Prakash sj
She was convinced that the poor children of the slums had to be taught the 3Rs (reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic) but more than that
 By: Shyamala Madhav, Mumbai
Spinning cotton by using a metallic hand-spin, known as 'takali', was part of our basic education at Besant School. Once a student had
 By: Alfie D'Souza, Illinois
Avinand who spent close to a lakh on buying this horse, he says that's worth the money that he put it on something that he always
 By: Cheryl Fernandes, Bangalore
Yes it's 15th August, time to celebrate Independence Day. I suddenly see the TV channels, radio stations and even the
 By: Albert Jossy Rego, Kuwait/Mangalore
Oh beautiful Land of Ganges, Of Beautiful Land of Saints, Of Gyanis, Yogis of Sages. Your Purity never taints. Your soil is pure and
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