Arman’s 10.39-metre Selfie Stick in Guinness Book!

Arman’s 10.39-metre Selfie in Guinness Book!

Manipal: Armaan Soorinje (20), son of Muhammad-Rehana couple from Hampankatta, Mangaluru and a student of third year and sixth semester in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Manipal Institute of Technology here, has soared to new heights.

He had recently demonstrated his creation, a 10.39-metre-long selfie stick, in the tenth block of the college campus in the presence of dignitaries on April 11 this year with a view to entering the Guinness Book of Records.

The event was videographed and the requisite evidence was submitted to the Guinness authorities. They have accredited the achievement and sent him a certificate. His feat will find an entry in the forthcoming edition of the record book.

The record is currently held by Hollywood actor Ben Stiller for his 8.56-metre selfie stick.

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  1. Very glad to see that Indians have moved from longest mustache or longest nail to longest selfie-stick to make it to world of records!!! Then you wonder why we turn to West for everything from computers to medicine!! Oh well (sigh)…!!!

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