"Art of Living " is a basic human style of a man’s living in fittness, to accomodate himself to his external envirnoment of his surroundings.
Man finds himself to be fit to exist in his surrounding envirnomental land so called the earth, When he tries to maintain a fit Holistic, Physical and Emotional triad of his living in a healthier way of lifestyle to go along the quote as it follows "THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST."


1.Suicidal Tendencies
2.Triad of threat to Holistic, 3.Physical & Emotional aspects of human life.
4.Marriage in the family
6.Investments beyond management
7.Looking after large family members
8.Extension of Huge Business
9.Maintainance of Staffs & their Salaries
10.Over burdens than imagined.
11.Going in a wrong path of life style.
12.Disobeying the Scriptures
13.Excessive Drug Addiction
14.Hatred to Society
15.Psychological Threat
16.Absent to Personal Care
17.Retarded in Personal Love.
18.Social Withdrawal reflex

1.Improvement of Personal Health.
2.Improvement in Society 3.Communication.
4.Progress in areas of Business.
5.Progress in Managing the House Hold.
6.Maintaining and having Self Control as per the Scriptures.
7.Interacting with various People of various Castes, Creeds,Cultural, and 8.People belonging to different Cultural and traditional back grounds.
9.Keeping oneself Clean and Tidy.
10.Perming up oneself in caring for ones body, ones hair, nails, skin, teeth, and maintaining and expressing attractive parts of the body by extending a warm sign of acceptance to the customer or the client in Office or Service areas or to the Neighbour in parties or at Home or during Family Visits.
11.Using Better ways of Communication procedures in Work Spots.
12.Maintaining a Good Personal health, Mind and Body.
13.Not to neglect or miss out any triad of living,The Holistic, Physical and Emotional mind of yourself, and to live or accomodate your life as per the quote of "Survival of the Fittest."
14.Maintaining good personal interaction with the collegues, staffs and managment of the Particular Sector or Departments of Work.

Physical Fitness
Mental or Psychological Training
Spiritual Guidance

Physical Maintainance for a fit body by Yogic Science, Breathing through lungs for fresh oxygen intake free of Dust and Carbon Dioxide and Air filled of Poisonous gases that could be overcome by a technique well known as Pranayama type of breathing.
Maintaining Good Personal body care, And Cleaning up oneself Well.

Maintaining a Fit Mental or Psychological aspects to raise up oneself to a level of Good communicational Personal Skills for a Extroverted Personality Development, in a well established manner, and for a well formed or well based Social Contacts and Social Linking Skills.

Forming a well based foundation for a healthier Holistic Guidance for living a fit life by creating the recordings in our minds to remind the Sacrifices made by Ones God and Lord for our Salvation.
1.Try to Mingle Around with People.

2.Never try to Gain and Cling on only to Theoritical Knowledge.

3.Be Practical in all the triads of life, with the main theme for life the "ART OF LIVING" with Physical , Mental and Holistic way of life style.

4.Never keep Oneself in Loneliness and feel that you are thrown out to be Single all the way of your life.

5.Try to give love to your neighbour

6.Try to put yourself in others shoes and feel the pains and get along with the moving crowd.

7.See to it that you don’t keep your Emotions under Pains without Expressing it to your Lover or Family or Friends.

8.Expression through speech is the better way of communication, when oneself in not retarded or dumb in talk.

9.Use some time to keep your Body, Soul and Mind upto date and see to it you don’t hesitate to wash your entire body on day to day basis.

10.Don’t carry on the grudge to you brother or sister if you are into a bondage of holding on to some particular hatred thought for years together.

11.Try to see you smile and keep the surrounding people smiling, and not to see them and the envirnoment round you in mourning days of life.

12.Be true to your God and Lord for entire life to go on as per the Triadal way of Art of living by keeping oneself to the aspect of the Quote "THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST".


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