Art as a search for freedom

Art as a search for freedom

New Delhi, Aug 1 (IANS) Artists desire the freedom to tread their chosen path and to show to the world a part of their souls. A group art show titled “Freedom of Thought” in the capital last week beautifully presented the journey of many artists as a celebration of colours and emotions.


Each participating artist expressed his or her voice through the painting and sculpture exhibition, conceptualized by Jyoti Kalra of the Uchaan Art Gallery.

“Art is the best way to showcase all kinds of feelings or moods. That’s freedom,” Kalra told IANS.

“Art is everywhere. It is only the inspiration that gives you a visualization of it,” she said.

Deepali Jain, whose series of portraits represented the modern-day woman performing different roles, used art to depict the emotions she goes through in her everyday life.

“I have tried to depict the emotions that I feel while performing all my responsibilities as a woman. There is a representation of the woman as the breadwinner of the house, a loving mother, as somebody who takes care of the house and the family,” Jain told IANS.

“As far as the style in concerned, I have tried to use elements of Chinese paintings in acrylic. The work is done in bold black,” she explained.

For Sunita Agarwal, who feels attracted to the portrayal of human emotions, “art is the medium to a magical world of feelings”.

“It allows you to express yourself freely. I observe my surroundings and get inspired to work as an artist” she said.

One of her paintings was a “representation of childhood’s freeness and happiness” and another one “the depiction of a girl’s desire to grow fast as she drapes herself in her mother’s sari and jewellery”.

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