Asiatic Lion with Liver-Kidney Ailments Dies

Asiatic Lion with Liver-Kidney Ailments Dies at Mysuru Zoo

Mangaluru: According to reports from the authorities at the Zoo, an Asiatic lion, Shankar, aged eight years and two months, at Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysuru, which was suffering from liver and kidney ailments died on 9 May 2016. The male lion, which was received from Sakkarbaugh Zoo, Junagadh, on March 3, 2011, was not consuming food and was dull since April 30, 2016. The problem in liver and kidney was detected in a blood test.


Although the treatment had been carried out under the guidance of expert veterinarians, but, the animal didn’t show any improvement. The Zoo authorities had roped in experts from Hyderabad Zoo Lion Safari, Shivamogga Lion Safari and professionals from Veterinary College, Hassan, and the lion was been treated in the squeeze cage as per the guidance of experts for the last 10 days.


It is learnt that “Shankar” the King of the Jungle was the star attraction of the zoo, and was a crowd puller for the last five years. With the death of “Shankar”, the zoo is left with three of its companions namely Rakshith, Gauri, and Darhshan .

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  1. What was the treatment recommended by “experts” to cure the lion’s loss of appetite? It is frustrating to read news which does not disclose the information that is most important to the reader.

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