Attack on journalists condemned

ew Delhi, Oct 4 (IANS) The Indian Women Press Corps (IWPC) on Sunday expressed shock over the attacks on journalists in a village close to the capital where a mob lynched a man rumoured to have eaten beef.

The IWPC said it condemned the manner in which journalists, including women reporters, were intimidated, chased and attacked while covering the the lynching of a Muslim man.

“The village women were instigated to attack the journalists who were merely on duty doing their job,” it said in a statement.

“That this should have happened in a place which witnessed a violent murder and that too a few kilometres from the national capital’s border is highly condemnable,” it said.

A mob dragged out Mohammed Akhlaq out of his house on the night of September 28 and killed him after rumours were spread that he killed a cow and ate beef.

The family has denied the allegation, saying they only consumed mutton.

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