Australian metal band detained in Malaysia over visa issues

Kuala Lumpur, Nov 16 (IANS) Australian metal band I Killed the Prom Queen were detained in Malaysia after performing without visas.

Jona Weinhofen, the guitarist of the Adelaide-based band, tweeted that they could be held for up to two weeks by officials after their show here on November 14 night, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Weinhofen said the promoters for the show here had failed to get them visas.

He added they were being looked after and in “good health”, and had even been approached for autographs by immigration staff.

“Currently sitting in immigration office Malaysia waiting to be deported (best case scenario) because the promoter didn’t get us visas,” Weinhofen wrote on his Twitter page.

“Apparently we’re going to be detained for four to 14 days in a Malaysian immigration detention center,” he added.

The musician also wrote that some of the immigration officers were sporting his band’s T-shirts.

“Weirdest part is some of the immigration officers asked us to autograph stuff and one is wearing a prom queen shirt. Still locking us up, though,” he wrote.

The band was in the city as part of a week-long South-East Asian tour. They have already visited Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and Kuching. A final show was scheduled for Rock In Solo festival in Indonesia on Sunday.


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