Austria reveals plan to handle asylum seeker issue

Vienna, June 20 (IANS) The Austrian federal government presented a five-point plan intended for the fair distribution of asylum seekers across the country, on the back of a recent surge in asylum seeker numbers.

The plan, announced on Friday, materialised after long internal discussions and is to be implemented without delay, Xinhua reported.

In order to realise a fair distribution of asylum seekers, a map of their current distribution across all 95 districts located in Austria was made.

As the first point of the plan, a government-appointed control group will now oversee distribution to ensure it is fair.

The other points include making available schools, student dormitories and the like to house refugees over the summer break, and the voluntary housing of refugees by private households particularly in the case of youth and children.

Approved asylum seekers will also have a full right to live and work in Austria, while the measures for repatriation of refugees to their home countries will also be strengthened.

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