Ayurveda Entrepreneur Found Dead in Venezuela

Ayurveda Entrepreneur Found Dead in Venezuela

Kasaragod: Kumar Prasad Bhat (45) from Pallatadka of Badiadka, who had been running an Ayurveda enterprise, was found dead in the Sucre state of Venezuela in south America on Thursday.

Bhat was the son of Dr Pallatadka Keshava Bhat, the renowned herbalist who had set up business in Venezuela and who died in 2010. Kumar Prasad was unmarried and had taken over the helm after his father’s death.

Also found dead with him was his female associate, Ericka Ares Luik (41). The bodies were found in a decomposed state, said local newspapers.

They are suspected to have been murdered either by strangulation or shooting. The bodies were found under construction debris.

Investigators have gathered information that they both were negotiating the sale of a vehicle. The last occasion they were seen by neighbours and friends was on Sunday, June 19. The killings could be related to the sale, said police sources.

Persons who had known them closely said that although they were not seen for some days, there was no room to think of anything to have gone amiss since they as business associates were known to go on outstation trips often.

A family friend in Venezuela said that she was very sad to hear the news since she knew Kumar for many years as the son of her family’s dear physician, Dr Keshava Bhat, who had popularised herbal medicine in the country.

The Bhat family has been living in Venezuela and pursuing Ayurveda import business for many years. Kumar Prasad had arrived with family members at their original family home in Badiadka a year ago.


  1. Very shocking to hear this sad news. Venezuela is going through one of its worst economic crisis and the crime rate is spinning out of control.

    • Yo también conocí a Kumar y es difícil imaginar que esa risa tan contagiosa ha sido apagada, me resisto a creer que mi país asesina a las mejores personas que he conocido!

  2. It is shocking to know about Mr Kumar. I happen to know him right from his childhood days at Manipal. He was very sweet in his words & was liked by everyone. I, along with my entire family members pray to God to give strength to his family members to bear the shock. May his soul rest in peace.

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