Baby born with Sugar’s help

New Delhi (DHNS): It was around 5.30 am when a family got off at Sabji Mandi Railway Station on Sunday. The family members were looking for medical assistance for their 23-year-old pregnant daughter-in-law.

A staff at the railway station made an emergency call to the Police Control Room (PCR). Within no time Sugar (46), a PCR van, came to their rescue. While the cops were putting Aarti in the van, a baby boy was born on the stretcher.


Police rushed them to the nearby Hindu Rao Hospital. “Both mother and child are fine,” said R K Singh, DCP (PCR).

The woman along with her mother-in-law and father-in-law was going to Smallkha in Panipat by Dadri Express. They had boarded the train from Gwalior. According to police, they received a call at 5.28 am that “a person was sick and help was needed at Subji Mandi Railway Station”.

“The PCR reached the spot at 5.33 am. A woman named Aarti, wife of Virender, resident of Panipat, delivered a baby boy on police stretcher. Without losing a single minute, PCR took her to Hindu Rao Hospital where both mother and child are safe,” said Singh.

The father-in-law, Kashi Ram, said if it was not for the PCR vans he would not have become a grandfather.

“There was nobody to help us in the morning. Everybody was busy boarding the train and doing their own morning chores. We thank PCR for all their help.”

Father-in-law and mother-in-law are at the hospital to look after the newly-born baby and their daughter-in-law.

PCR vans have a different code name for each district. In North district, PCR vans are called “Sugar”.

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