Baliga Murder – Ruling on Bail to Naresh Shenoy on Aug 9

Baliga Murder – Ruling on Bail to Naresh Shenoy on Aug 9

Mangaluru: Arguments in favour of and against bail to be granted to Naresh Shenoy, the prime accused in the murder of RTI activist Vinayak Baliga, were heard in the second additional sessions court on Monday and Tuesday.


After hearing them, the court reserved its ruling to August 9. An application filed by the city police for a narco-test on Shenoy has already been rejected by the court as he had refused to undergo it.

Baliga had been murdered on March 21. In all six persons had been arrested, including Shenoy. Two of them, Manjunath Shenoy aka Manju Neereshwalya and Shailesh aka Shailu have been granted bail.

Case history:

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  1. If the bail is been granted, then i am sure he shall play around with justice. He should be placed in custody until the truth prevails. Everyone know and his mates too have named his name. Then why grant bail ? Justice does not have caste or creed. It is equal to all fellow citizens.

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