Band Of Bandagi has become a huge empire: Tochi Raina

Mumbai, June 13 (IANS) Tochi Raina, who has lent his voice for songs like “Iktara” and “Saibo”, says his Band of Bandagi troupe has grown by leaps and bounds, turning into a huge empire.

The troupe delivered their performance in Mumbai on Thursday and addressing the media after performing at the concert titled “Rooh Kambdi”, Tochi said: “When I left my house some years back with this intention, I was uncertain about who all are going to join me. But today Band Of Bandagi has become such a tremendous empire.”

“I’m hoping that it would become so big in the world that the whole world gets embraced in Band Of Bandagi and this is my target.”

“People are running after their busy lives and nobody shows any emotions towards anyone. Band Of Bandagi is merely spreading the message of the Almighty to spread love among people,” added Tochi.

The concert “Rooh Kambdi” was set up particularly to raise funds for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

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