Bantwal: Badagabelloor Resident Held for Stalking Woman and Trying to Molest

Bantwal: A man who was found stalking a young woman while she was returning home from work was later arrested after she complained to the police.

The woman hails from Badagabelloor and is employed at Kaikamba. She has to walk about 1.5 km between the last bus stop and her house either way. When she was walking towards home, Santosh Lewis (38), a resident of Varaikodi in the same village, is said to have persistently followed her.

When she realized that she was being stalked, she began walking faster. When he began behaving in an inappropriate manner, she took shelter in a nearby house to avoid his attention.

After some time, when she came out and continued her walk towards home, he too came out of the hiding and started following her again. A while later, he tried to physically stop her and molest her.

She escaped and managed to reach home. After she narrated the incident, the villagers ran towards and gathered outside his house. In the meantime, Bantwal rural sub inspector Rakshit arrived with his team.

Cautioning the villagers not to take the law into their hands with a promise to deal with the case firmly and after obtaining a written complaint from the victim, they began a search for him.

Lewis was nabbed from the house of a neighbouring woman. According to villagers, he is married and has two children. He is said to have misbehaved with other girls on a few occasions.

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