Bantwal: Bengali Passenger Falls off Train at Farangipet, in Hospital in Critical Condition

Bantwal: A railway passenger hailing from Poschimbonga (West Bengal, formerly) accidentally fell off a running train at Farangipet in Pudu village in the taluk on Friday.
He was with his family. While they were seated, he was reportedly sitting near the door of the compartment. He fell off near the Farangipet temple, which was not noticed by the family members nor by any passengers.
When the train reached Subrahmanya Road station at Nettana, the family members could not find him anywhere in the compartment. The matter was brought to the notice of the railway staff.
In the meantime, the man, whose name was not immediately available, was found injured and in a critical state in the veranda of the temple in Farangipet by passersby.
First it was thought to be a case of murder attempt. With the help of the police, he was rushed in an ambulance to a hospital in Mangaluru.
The family members, who had already alighted on finding that he was missing, were also intimated and brought back to Mangaluru. The person is still in a critical condition.

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