Bantwal: ‘Branding of Literary Works as Good or Bad without Reading Them Wrong’ – Bolwar

Bantwal: Very often controversies are raised by some individuals with vested interests about certain literary works, without even bothering to read them.

Such protests always cause destruction of public property and disruption of traffic and normal life.

Not many people seem to have given it a thought, leave alone creating awareness about the hollowness of such fanatic stands.

This school of thouught perhaps got strength from the speech rendered by Kannada author-novelist Bolwar Mohammed Kunhi at the award presentation ceremony held in Birwa auditorium at Melkar near here on Sunday.

The Yuva Vahini organization presented the Vishukumar award to the renowned author, who had his roots in Bolwar in Puttur.

He decried the modern-day tendency to blindly support or vociferously oppose literary works without thoroughly going through them. He gave a call to true lovers of literature to read all literary works with dedication and concentration.

He recalled the rough weather faced by Vishukumar’s Kannada novel, ‘KaravaLi’ and his own ‘Jihad’ which was written 40 years ago. He reminded that all that row was created by those who had not read those two novels in full.

Senior man of letters Muralidhara Upadhya said that dreams were inspiration for writers and authors. He described Bolwar’s works as being based on courage of conviction and being thought-provoking.

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