Bantwal: Businessman from Vittal Looted by Gang while on Way Home at Night

Bantwal: Subhaschandra Nayak, proprietor of Srinivas Traders located on palace road in Vittal, was robbed of money on his way home after closure of the shop on Monday night. The quantum of exact amount looted is

Nayak, after locking the shop, was driving his car on way to his house near Vithal Jaycees English-medium school in Basavanagudi through the community hospital route. At an uninhabited spot about 100 metres ahead of the school, a Tata Sumo car arrived from the opposite direction and blocked his way.

The occupants got down and picked up an altercation with him for no reason. Flashing a revolver, they forced him to get down from the car, snatched his bag and escaped immediately. He called up the Vittal police station and informed them of the robbery.

Later reports said that the gang’s car was intercepted by the police at Konaje and the culprits taken into custody. Immediate confirmation from the police was not available. It is likely that the matter is kept under wraps in the interest of investigation and also track down others involved.

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