Bantwal: Cane-charging by Police Prevents Petty Issue Turning into Communal Flare-up

Bantwal: When a minor accident involving a car and a bike at the Polali temple arch at Maripalla near Farangipet in the taluk threatened to flare up into a communal clash on Sunday night, the rural police from here brought the situation under control by resorting to a mild lathi charge.

The bike-rider is said to have taken an unexpected U-turn at the break of the median at the junction leading to the brushing of the two vehicles. An altercation broke out between the rider and those in the car. An auto driver intervened and tried to separate them. This led to an assault on the peace-maker.

Soon groups from two communities gathered and the trouble seemed to spread soon. The police got the information and charged their lathis to disperse the crowd.

Late in the night, the police reportedly raided many houses and took into custody some suspects who were involved in the scuffle.

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